Add,Remove Links in Top Suitebar (SkyDrive,Sites,NewsFeed) in SharePoint 2013

Great explanation of how to change the Top Suitebar in SharePoint 2013:

Monogame – Tutorials

Monogame - Tutorials
Monogame Tutorials Simple but nice explanation of the basic objects of Monogame: Tutorial Implementation with MonoGame: With the according explanations:  

.NET Game Engines for 2D Games

While checking out the many available 2D Game Engines for creating the SchnappCol Colonization like game project, I found the following interesting engines upfront. Since I’m absolutely new to this topic, this was the first step in doing some research: XNA => MonoGame  => SLIM DX => SDL.NET => Torque 2D =>   Example starting ...

Colonization: A brief glimpse of the game class

public Game(List<IPlayer> players, IGameConfiguration configuration, IWorld world)         {             this.Players = players;             this.GameConfiguration = configuration;             this.World = world;         }         public DateTime StartDate { get; private set; ...