Microsoft Orleons – Up next as a playground for my adventure game

Up next is Microsoft Orleons: Let’s try the sample application of an adventure – My domain: Keep you posted for more.

.NET Game Engines for 2D Games

While checking out the many available 2D Game Engines for creating the SchnappCol Colonization like game project, I found the following interesting engines upfront. Since I’m absolutely new to this topic, this was the first step in doing some research: XNA => MonoGame  => SLIM DX => SDL.NET => Torque 2D =>   Example starting ...

Windows 8 Development : Portable Class Libraries

Very nice article on how to handle FileSystem access in a portable library for Windows 8 app.

ASP.NET – Razor Syntax

ASP.NET Razor Syntax The top 8 programming tips for getting started with programming ASP.NET Web Pages using Razor syntax. Basic programming concepts you’ll need for this book. What ASP.NET server code and the Razor syntax is all about. In der Kürze liegt die Würze: 1. You add code to a page using the @ ...