Colonization: Research on HTML Browser Game

Colonization: Research on HTML Browser Game List of Game engines and just some findings: Some research links for the frontend: Simple Tile Engine: Canvas Engine:

Some more Colonization… it has been a while with .NET and TDD

Some more Colonization... it has been a while with .NET and TDD
After a couple of weeks, I finally found some time to spend for my „SchnappCol“ Project. Only in the beginning though, the TDD Project consists of 90 Tests and about 500 lines of code. The Goal of the project is to build the game Colonization in the world of .NET with TDD; just for fun.

Monogame – Tutorials

Monogame - Tutorials
Monogame Tutorials Simple but nice explanation of the basic objects of Monogame: Tutorial Implementation with MonoGame: With the according explanations:  

.NET Game Engines for 2D Games

While checking out the many available 2D Game Engines for creating the SchnappCol Colonization like game project, I found the following interesting engines upfront. Since I’m absolutely new to this topic, this was the first step in doing some research: XNA => MonoGame  => SLIM DX => SDL.NET => Torque 2D =>   Example starting ...

Colonization: A brief glimpse of the game class

public Game(List<IPlayer> players, IGameConfiguration configuration, IWorld world)         {             this.Players = players;             this.GameConfiguration = configuration;             this.World = world;         }         public DateTime StartDate { get; private set; ...

Colonization in the Making… just for fun

 public class SchnappColModule : NinjectModule     {         public override void Load()         {             this.Bind<IUnit>().To<Unit>();             this.Bind<IUnitGenerator>().To<UnitGeneratorDemo>();             this.Bind<IGame>().To<Game>();             this.Bind<IGameConfiguration>().To<GameConfiguration>();             ...

Sid Meier’s Colonization: Super Link

Immer noch eines der besten Spiele. Heute habe ich kurz mal wieder den Klassiker ausgegraben, Sid Meier’s Colonization aus dem Jahr 1994. Es macht immer wieder Spass und ich kann dieses simple Spiel auch heute, nach fast 20 Jahren, noch gut und gerne spielen. Untenstehend habe ich einen super Link gefunden mit den wichtigsten Tipps ...