Cultural Transformation to agile methods in government field

Cultural Transformation to agile methods in government field

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Agile methods often require a fundamental shift in the way government agencies think and operate. Leaders must be willing to ‘let go’ of some control while teams must be willing to ‘step up’, collaborate productively, and take risks. It doesn’t happen overnight. Cultivating an adaptable organizational mindset that responds well to inevitable change is crucial to the successful implementation of agile.

Before true agile transformation can take place, an organization must start establishing a shared vision. The values held by employees, teams, and operating units should extend upward through the organization and converge with those of leadership, culminating in a shared vision. With bottom-up implementation and top-down support, shared understanding and eventually convergence will occur.

Oftentimes in government there is an effort to standardize through governance and policy making, resulting in lack of enthusiasm. By shifting perspective from one of governance to support, teams will be more likely to think outside the box and collaborate on new ideas. Employees must feel safe to experiment – and even to fail – in order to fully implement an agile cultural mindset. The support of leadership is integral to this approach.

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