It’s all coffee…

Ein sehr interessanter Blogeintrag bezüglich Windows 8 / WinRT und Silverlight / XAML

Besonders das Fazit gefällt und verführt zum schmunzeln, weshalb ich es hier gerne nochmals wiedergebe:

That path takes us to a place called WinRT, rather than a place called Silverlight. But considering everything that is changing for the good, the number of disruptive changes is impressively minimal. The name may be changing, and there may even be some significance to that in terms of Microsoft’s internal management of products and technologies. But as the consumer, you should care about the ingredients, not the name.

Turkish coffee and Greek coffee are much the same. Although you’ll find plenty of interested parties who will find the names significant, drinkers of the beverage should enjoy either one. It’s all coffee, it’s all sweet, and you can tell your fortune from the grounds that are left at the end.

Back on the software side, it’s all XAML, and C# or VB .NET, and you can make your fortune from the product that comes out at the end. Coffee drinkers wouldn’t switch to tea. (by Andrew Bust)

Den ganzen Artikel dazu findet ihr hier:

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