Microsoft Learn – Fantastic!

Do you know Microsoft Learn?

Honestly if you are new to MS Technology or want to invest in your knowledge you should!

Although I‘m using C# and .NET since arround 2002 I never used the site and must say, more than 20 years later, what a blast!!!

For example if you want to get into .NET and C# there are so many courses available, structured, step by step even with integrated online coding and of course some quiz elements to check an your understanding. 

You can combine this with sites like FreeCodeCamp at voila, here is your 100% free certificate! Did that also myself just to stay updated and see if I can add more to my repertoire and in fact yes I could, there is always something to learn.

An example of the FreeCodeCamp Certificate of this course:

Fantastic, if I‘m doing the extreme comparison to the past reading through 400 pages books and Do the MCP exam xyz on site.

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