Multitasking – Get rid of it asap!

Multitasking – Get rid of it asap

Extract from the book „Agile Structures: Scaling Agility“ by Angel Medinilla

This means that multitasking is a myth, as is the “total productivity.” In his book Quality Software Management: Systems Thinking, Gerald Weinberg measured the performance of an individual  working on several projects: compared to working with a single project, the loss of productivity because of context switching was as much as 40% for someone working simultaneously in three projects and 75% for someone at five projects! This is the reason why Kanban systems’ main rule is to limit the work in progress (WIP), with an ideal goal of WIP limit “one,” meaning that you don’t start another task until this one is finished, even if it gets blocked. This idea of “focusing on the next actionable item” and not starting anything else until this one is finished is also one of the bases of the very popular “Getting Things Done” or GTD personal productivity and time management system by David Allen.

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