Shanghai Study Trip – Discussion with Pascal Nufer

Shanghai Study Trip – Expert discussion with Pascal Nufer

Goal of this post / disclaimer

This is primarily for myself in order to learn and repeat the key takeaways from a study trip in Shanghai.

If you also can benefit from the below information fine; if not, also fine for me and my words are of course not exhaustive.

Learings and Take aways

We had a chance to get to know Pascal Nufer and have a expert discussion with him regarding China from a Media perspective. In a second part of the meeting, there was an exchange with the „Young Swiss in China Association“. Since the

The location, Kartel Club, was fantastic:
Kartel Club
5/F, 1 Xiangyang Bei Lu,



Discussion with Pascal Nufer about China

  • Great intro video about China (from the economist)
  • Xi Jinping is definitively the strongest person in the world, near Mao Zedong
    • We don’t know the important persons in China (only Xi…)
  • Major challenges that China is facing in the future
    • Title: Peoples republic of Challenges 😉
    • China as a Blackbox
      • Government is very flexible and can change rules within days (and does so if required)
      • This is a big challenge first to keep track on this but also just to have the correct information
    • Unequality in earnings
      • The range goes from 2$ a day to billionaires)
    • Demographic challenge
      • China, also due to one child policy, has a aging society
  • The Communist party also has fractions inside, no monolith as we westernes see it mostly
  • Religion: Soon china has the largest amount of Christian’s compared to any other country
  • Opportunities for Switzerland regarding „One Belt one Road“ and „Made in China 2025“
    • Logistics
    • Infrastructure Know-How
    • Supply chain management
    • Machinery
    • Swissness in general is still important in china

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