Shanghai Study Trip – Fosun and CSSC

Shanghai Study Trip – Fosun and CSSC

Goal of this post / disclaimer

This is primarily for myself in order to learn and repeat the key takeaways from a study trip in Shanghai.

If you also can benefit from the below information fine; if not, also fine for me and my words are of course not exhaustive.

Learings and Take aways


Fosun International Limited is a Chinese international conglomerate and investment company. Founded in 1992 by Guo Guangchang and four others, the company is headquartered in Shanghai and was incorporated in Hong Kong in 2004.

Fosun has been actively implementing its investment model of “Combining China’s Growth Momentum with Global Resources” and adhering to its “value-investing” discipline. Since 2007 Fosun international is listed on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

Learnings and Take aways:


China State Shipbuilding Corporation (CSSC) established in1999, is an extra-large conglomerate and state-authorized investment institution directly administered by the central government of China. It is considered to be the mainstay of the shipbuilding industry in China.

CSSC’s main business is shipbuilding, covering both the naval and civil products.

Learnings and Take aways:

  • CSSC is very proud of the quality and work security it has established. We were fortunate to get an extra long tour about the quality assurance
  • Even an experienced colleague in the business told us, that he’s never seen such a high standard in any ship building companies in asia
  • State-Owned & Too big to fail
    • As the company is state-owend by the government, the Q & A with the assistant chairmain was quite special
    • The company is clearly too big to fail and has massive support from Chinese government
    • Most of the questions, which needed to be translated, didn’t get answered precisely and we even streched a bit too far, getting a „no comment“ answer from the manager
  • Contributor to „One Belt, one Road“
    • Clearly you need ships for the new maritime silk road for the initiative and CSSC is the largest provider of those ships, building approximately 20 – 40 of those huge ships

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