Unity 3D: Letz fetz

Long time not seen much of me on the blog.

There’s a new „hobby“ in town, if one can call it a hobby… I once again hat a look at Unity 3D since I got one of my longterm projects out of my pocket.

> Creating a classic Point & Click Adventure in the likes of the fantastic work in the 90s from LucasArts (Monkey Island, Maniac Mansion, DOTT etc)

As a Microsofty, I’m shooting for Unity with the great visual studio integration.

So, download Unity, install, register and start the application.

First experience: Stunning! I didn’t expect that kind of solution and integration with visual studio 2015 is superb.

Next step:

Exploring unity a but more and Looking for an add-on for adventure games like adventure creator. (http://adventurecreator.org).

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