Windows Server 2012 at a glance : Part 1

Tumbling arround the net and trying to get an overview over Windows Server 2012, I decided to create a quick summary containing the top links and a short summary about Windows Server 2012. The ultimate goal (at least for myself) is mastering the MCP 70-410…


Windows Server 2012 comes in the following editions:

  • Foundation
  • Essentials
  • Standard
  • Datacenter
A very good overview about the possibilities and difference can be found here (in German):


One of the more prominent roles is the Hyper-V role. Wikipedia offers a nice article about the Microsoft way of virtualization under the following link:


Basic arcitecture of Hyper-V
Quite impressive is the scalability of Hyper-V Server 2012 in regards to the maximum ammount of memory and disk size of a virtual machine:
  • 1 TB Memory
  • 64 TB Disk Size

Virtual Networking Dive In…

Can be found at this URL:
Hyper-V contains two type of network adapters:
  • Synthetic Network Adapter
  • Legacy Network Adapter
Differences are nicely explained in the link below (German):


Ping me baby

Did you know how to enable the pinging of a server, which by the way is disabled by default?
It’s all about the Windows Firewall with a new Inbound Rule Set, „File and Printer Sharing (Echo Request – ICMPv4-In) ((Or v6-In, if you’r into IPV6)).

Manage Windows Store Apps

Application Control Policies contain a new feature called „Packaged app Rules“. We’re able to deny or allow specific Widnows 8 Store Apps to be installed on a Windows 8 Client:

Active Directory

As usual, we start with the basics of the according Wikipedia entry for Active Directory:
AD is structured in:
  • Forest
  • Tree
  • Domain
  • OU
  • Object
Service Locations (SRV) in Active Directory map the name of a service to a name of a server offering this service. 

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